Gloomy and Bloomy Mothers Day High Tea - Megzie

I don’t know about you, but there are a few things in this life that I love. One of those, is my dear mum; the other is good food, and HOSTING. Like seriously, I love, love, love to have people over and entertain. I love presenting good food, and decorating the table, and doing little things here and there to make my guests feel special. Anyway, we’re on a bit of a budget at the moment so this year for mothers day, I thought about doing something nice for my mum (and my mumma in law) rather than just buying them a gift. This year, it was more about quality time together for me (and saving a bit of moola). So myself and my two lovely sister in laws (looking at you Weesy and Adi!) split up the cooking chores and put on the most beautiful spread.

I was in charge of Sandwiches; cucumber, dill and cream cheese for the one, and ham and cheese for the other. I used a cookie cutter to cut them into love hearts and flowers – and they looked SOOOO CUTE.

Adi was in charge of cheese and sweets. She baked an amazing chocolate, caramel infused cake topped with pistachios, and also brought over some Greek sweets. Oh and she did the absolutely over the top amazing cheese/meats board ever!! Such an array of choice.

Weesy’s job was scones. In my head, I thought she would buy some, I mean, that’s what I would’ve done. But NO, she HOMEMADE some seriously fluffy scones and whipped up some super good cream. It was honestly more than I could’ve asked for!

As we sat down to eat, the grey clouds rolled in, the lightning started; and we sat down to a warm cup of tea (multiple cups, I should say) and talked, laughed and ate WAY too much good food. It was so special and it meant so much more because of the time we got to spend together.

We did also chip in and buy each of our mums a lovely bouquet of flowers too. What’s a mothers day without some blooms!


How flipping cute was that!! I hope you all had a lovely Mothers day too! I’m hope that whatever you did, whether you were celebrating or not, it was a lovely day.

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  • Jenni says:

    Thank you ladies for hosting a beautiful Mother’s Day Afternoon Tea. Everything was stunning. Good food, beautiful company.