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So if you know me personally, you’ll know that I absolutely fricking adore Christmas! It is really and truly my most wonderful favourite time of the year! I also get serious FOMO because I live in Australia, and it’s hot here. And I get borderline depressed when I see all the snowy, cozy, wintery Christmas pictures that pop up on Instagram this time of the year.

NEVERMIND, I STILL CONTINUE ON. And this Christmas is extra special for me, because it’s my first Christmas as a mama bear, which means it’s my little humans FIRST CHRISTMAS EVER. Can I get a woot woot!!

And I am going to do my absolute BEST to make his first Christmas one to remember – even though he won’t remember it at all amiright!!.

I may or may not be the person that gets excited for Christmas as soon as November rolls around. But this year, we were travelling all of November, so I wasn’t home to put up my tree, or do any decorating. I literally had to wait until December 1st.


BUT. I feel like I’m already behind.. So I thought I’d write a lil blog post for anyone out there who is looking for a quick and easy Christmas spirit pick me up.

These ideas are probably so generic and basic that I’m sure everyone does them. But hey, why not document it for my online friends to read anyway – I mean, it’s Christmas right?

So without further-ado, I bring to you – five simple ways to instantly get into the Christmas spirit!


You know what I’m talking about, Mariah, Michael we’re looking to you. All I want for Christmas is to play carols all December long without any judgement!!! Blast them during the day, while you’re driving, while you’re making dinner. I promise you, as soon as you hear that Christmas jam, you’ll instantly feel like Christmas has arrived!! I may or may not be listening to xmas carols right now as I type this cheesy blog post. mwahahah.


Like, gingerbread treats, or hot chocolate treats. Yes I know I just mentioned that its basically the middle of bloody summer here in Australia. But you know what, I”m going to crank up my aircon so that it’s basically freezing in my house. Put on my winter xmas jammies (because does anyone even sell summer Christmas jammies?) roll up my xmas socks, make a hot chocolate, with extra marshmallows and watch all the cheesy Christmas movies I can. Sorry husband.

Netflix just launched the cheesiest one yet – the princess switch. I freaking loved it. Takes me back to The Parent Trap days, or Lizzie McGuire Movie, but, like, christmassy. So good .


Make some Christmas gift tags, or your own wrapping paper. There are heaps of cool Pinterest DIY ideas.  I wanted to get to some of these myself, but I honestly haven’t found the time (yet, hopefully). So I’ll just leave all these super cool ones that I found for you to peruse instead. I wish I was more organised – but I’m gonna let Jasper take the fall for that one this year. Thanks kid, you’re really great at sucking up all my time (I actually really love it and wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world).

  1. DIY Christmas Cracker
  2. Monochrome gift tags
  3. Christmas Wreath
  4. Gingerbread Truffles
  5. Scandinavian Wall Hanging


This time last year, I saw a flood of instagram pictures of people dressed up in coats and beanies walking on white grounds as they chose out their perfect Christmas tree and I thought to myself – ONE DAY!!! But this year, is not that one day unfortunately. Firstly, have you met my husband, there is no way I could convince him to let me buy a real Christmas tree – all the LOLS. MAYBE, one day, when we are living in Canada and celebrating our first real winter Christmas I’ll just maybe convince him that we can have a real tree. But not this year. I am tempted to still go to the farm and check them out, maybe throw on a beanie in this boiling hot weather and snap a pic for the gram? stay tuned people, stay tuned.

I’ve heard that there are a bunch of cool Christmas markets popping up these days; I am definitely keen to go and check one out. Could be fun. Sounds like the perfect way to get into the festive spirit if you ask me.

Have I done either of the above? No. But you know what, they sound super christmassy, so they made the cut for this blog post. Keep an eye on my gram, I think i’m going to try and get to at least one of these this year.


if all else fails, go to the shops, and buy yourself the most christmassy sounding/smelling candle you can find.. Heck, buy some for your friends and family, get home, crank up the Christmas carols, pop a flick on the TV, change into your comfy jammies, get out your wrapping paper, and start wrapping gifts. That will instantly get you into the spirit. If wrapping gifts is your thing – apparently some people don’t love it like me, weird.

And you know what, if all else fails, just eat all the Christmas food you can find. Mince pies (I only tried these for the first time last year, but OHMYGOD) I have been missing out all these years.

Ok guys, but seriously, what do you do to get in the mood for Christmas? I’d love to hear in the comments below!!