DIY Tissue Paper Tea Pot - Megzie


So I saw this awesome  DIY Tissue Paper Watercolor mug blog post the other day and had two thoughts. The first, oh my gosh I really love this and have to try it! And the second, those mugs need a tea pot to go with them! And voila! Here it is.

What you need:

Dishwasher safe Mod Podge
Tea Pot (I got mine from a thrift store for $5)
Tissue paper


The steps are real simple. All you need to do is

rip up little bits of tissue paper
paint Mod Podge on tissue paper and spread a bit on the tea pot
place the tissue paper onto the tea pot and layer on some more Mod Podge
Let dry
Add on another two layers of Mod Podge (you want to make sure you use enough so that it’ll hold the heat of the tea)
White-Rabbit-DIy-TeaPot-09Make some tea and enjoy – that’s it!

I really love this craft because you can mix up the colours, make matching sets and easily gift this to others (or keep it for yourself and impress guests when you host your next tea party!