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Have you guys heard of freakshakes? Maybe mega shakes? They’re those ridiculously embellished milkshakes. With things like brownies, candy floss, sprinkles, donuts and even cookies!

Well, I have never had one before. So I decided to make my own. BUT, with a lactation twist! Might as well feel good about it if you’re going to have a gigantic sized milkshake right. It’s all about balance.



1 banana
1/4 cup of oats
1 tbsp chia seeds
3 tbsb nutella
2 scoops vanilla ice cream
3/4 cup milk
whipped cream (as much or little as you like)
Milky Goodness lactation cookies 
handful of maltesers


Here’s the rundown of ingredients and the why…

[1] Banana

They’re great for replenishing Folic Acid. They’re also super rich in other vitimins and minerals. But the best thing, is that they help to replenish calories you lose while breastfeeding (and they’ll fill you up) anyone else find that they’re always starving?

[2] Oats

They’re known to help boost milk supply.  So they’re the perfect ingredient for this lactation freakshake!

[3] Chia Seeds

Well, for starters, they’re a superfood. They’ve also been said to help boost supply. I like them because they help keep you fuller for longer. Not to mention that they’re also jam packed with heaps of good vitimans.

[4] Nutella

It’s delicious.

[5] Ice Cream

It’s delicious, and makes the milkshake creamy.

[6] Maltesers

They look good as an embellishment in a freakshake

[7] Lactation Cookies

They look good. They taste good. They boost lactation. They can fit on a straw which makes them the perfect addition to ta freakshake

[8] Whipped Cream

It’s the glue that holds the freakshake together. And it tastes good.

So you’ve got 4 healthy ingredients, and 4 maybe not so healthy ingredients. It’s all about balance. And life is short. So enjoy a treat every now and then.

Step 1

Using a spatula, spread some nutella onto the sides of the inside of the glass. Then pop the glass into the freezer while you prep the rest of the milkshake.

Step 2

Combine the banana, oats, chia seeds, nutella and ice cream into your blender (I used the nutribullet)

Step 3

Pour the milk into the mix, and then blend! Make sure to taste as well (if you want it more chocolately, add more nutella – or use chocolate icecream)

Step 4

Poke a hole into your cookies, and slide them onto your straw

Step 5

Pour the milkshake into your chilled glass.

Step 6

Take some more nutella and line the rim of the glass with it. Then add some whipped cream. Make sure you add heaps, because this is the glue that’s going to allow the cookies to balance on.

Add your straw with your cookies into the whipped cream.

Step 7

Add your maltesers into the whipped cream (or other embellishment treats if you like!) The sky is the limit here people.

Step 8


Lil J secretly wishing he could have some!