Here's a cool way to use those funky shaped ice cube trays - Megzie


PLASTISI really feel that the ice cube tray is not utilised enough. Sure, you can use it conventionally and put boring old water in. But what about all the other endless possibilities, soft drink., mushed up fruit, fruit juice, coloured water… the options are limitless! Today I’d like to share with you my sparkling water drink with a fruity twist – and yes, that twist is frozen fruit juice.

Here’s what you’ll need.

Some Sparkling Water
Lychee Juice
Guava Juice


This is really easy. First step, is to freeze the lychee and guava juice (you can use different flavours if you please). I used a heart shaped ice cube tray.


Next step, is to literally just add the ice cubes to the sparkling water, stir and enjoy the light fruity twist to your sparkling water.



Ta-da! So easy! I can imagine this being a nice refreshing drink at a garden party, or kitchen tea or just any old summer day! Have fun trying out different combo’s! Love Megs xo